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Need innovative and creative ideas on signage, design and marketing this New Year?  Grabbing the attention of new clients and keeping the old faithful’s interested are part of your marketing process to keep your business flourishing. There is nothing better than adding a fresh coat of paint to your company’s image in 2017 to keep you ahead of the game.

Display Signs has the perfect marketing tools to keep your company on the forefront and eye line of your industry.  As a professional design, marketing, printing and manufacturing company, we understand your business requirements and know the trends to follow in leading you and your brand visibly into the future.

Below are a few tips on great signage trends for you to follow in 2017:

  • Window graphics – Glass frosted branding is a must in 2016. Your client’s first visual on walking in through your companies front doors will be met with a professional frosted imprint of your company logo. This glass manifestation immediately creates a good first impression for your client.
  • Shop and Company Signs – It is important to catch your client’s eye. Advertising and branding can be the difference between a busy shop and a desert.  Display signs can assist you in your colour, design and manufacturing materials to use to ensure you stand out in a crowd. Get your shop signs and company designs at display signs today.
  • Vehicle graphics – Get your company known everywhere they go.  Your car, van or truck is the perfect marketing tool you own. Brand your vehicle with your company logo and design and ensure that everyone knows who you are. Vehicle signage moving you forward.
  • Digital printing– Large format digital printing. This is a wow factor for your company. Your personal touch to bring out your companies culture. Display signs use eco-friendly ink jet printers to create full colour, genuine photographs or artist impressions. Strong, UV protected work with a high quality finish.

Is your company’s image trending with Display Signs this New Year?

At Display Signs, we are a signage company which offers you professional up to date signage trends. We offer an array of vehicle, shops, digital printing, banners and more signage options to meet your needs. Our professional team will ensure your company requirements are met and we use the right marketing tools that will be most effective in meeting your unique requests.

If you would like to learn more or want to speak to one of our consultants about your company signage and marketing ideas , contact us at Display Signs today.


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