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The signs for business success

Display Signs - signs for business success

Visit any high street and you will see an abundance of signage. Which ones will you recognise, and which ones stand out the most? There’s a lot to take in.

Eye-catching colours, branding and text format all contribute to attractive signs, whereas those with little design effort are most likely to be ignored.

Signs do make a real difference. A survey that delivery company FedEx conducted in 2012 proved this when it found that eight out of ten people would enter a shop they had not previously visited on the strength of the signage. Furthermore, 52% of respondents said they would be reluctant to enter a shop that had a poor-quality sign and 60% said they wouldn’t enter premises without signage.

In today’s online world, businesses are focusing more and more on digital marketing, publishing regular blogs and gaining followers on social media. But if you want people to visit your shop or business, they have to find you. And they need to be able to recognise your company logo that they are familiar with from your online presence.

Display Signs - signs for business success

Round the clock advertising

With so much competition around, having a sign that stands out is essential for marketing your business effectively. It has the big advantage of being an instant and cost-effective form of advertising. Obviously, there’s the initial investment involved in the design and installation of signs but, once on display, they are there 24/7.

The signage doesn’t have to be confined to above the door – internal signs can also boost your marketing by providing information about promotions or to reinforce a company’s vision and values.

Building your brand

Good signage is an important tool in building brand awareness among customers. For example, McDonald’s and its famous ‘golden arches’ is easily recognisable. So too is M&S.

The designs of your signage should therefore reflect your brand, in other words, the character of your business. If you were selling toys, say, you wouldn’t choose the sort of colours and lettering that a bank might use, or vice versa.

Display Signs - signs for business success
Display Signs - signs for business success

Competitive advantage

Because signs are everywhere, people might not necessarily notice them unless they are looking for a specific shop or business. That’s why signage needs to be as prominent as possible.

Signs that can be seen from a distance are more likely to attract attention, rather than just relying on people walking by. So, getting noticed quickly gives you a competitive advantage. Also, visibility from afar is essential when people are trying to locate out of town business premises, such as on an industrial estate or retail park.

The power of communication

First impressions count and as mentioned above, customers will make assumptions about a business based on the look of the signs. Therefore, signage is a great way to communicate to customers the products and services that you are selling.

Signs are also a useful tool for promoting special offers and deals, providing directions and health and safety information, to name just a few.

So, it makes sense to take time to identify what you want to communicate and the best way of achieving this visually to keep you on the front foot.

Display Signs - signs for business success

To sum up, signage is a cost-effective way of promoting your business and achieving a competitive edge that will help it to grow.

As expert sign-makers, the Display Signs team are adept at providing local directional signage, incorporating company logos and building signage following corporate branding, with welcoming and eye-catching designs.

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