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Your shop signs actually form a large part of your visual branding and marketing strategy. A distinct and consistent image must be formed in your customer’s mind in order to have them returning for more or remembering your products and services. Your shop’s display signs act as a signature for your business and will create an image that should be carried throughout the store and even on the street. Below are three reasons why consistency is a key element when creating effective signage for your business:

  • Following a consistent style and design will help you to create an image that consumers can remember and recognise. Repetition of the same logo, design, slogan and colours will help your consumers to associate your brand with your actual products, services and overall image. This goes a long way towards long term marketing and advertising benefits.
  • Sign consistency amongst a number of branches of the same business creates a feeling and image of dependability.
  • Ensuring that all your branches and departments feature the same signage, you are setting a standard where consumers will know to expect the same great services and features wherever they go, as long as they are dealing with your business and brand.

You can ensure signage consistency by ensuring that your shop signs, wall murals, display signs, photo wall papers and more, all tie in with each other.

Effective Signage Solutions from Display Signs

At Display Signs we can design and create an interesting range of consistent shop signage for your business. We use the latest technology in the form of large format eco friendly inkjet printers which ensure a vibrant printed result, primed for maximum impact. In addition to our custom shop signs and display signs, we also design and manufacture interior signs and graphics, exterior signs, building and construction signs, custom safety signs, banners, event signs, temporary signs, vehicle graphics, health signs, education signs and various LED and solar signage solutions.

If you would like to ensure that your businesses image is received in the best possible way and becomes highly recognisable to your target audience, contact us via email or telephone at Display Signs today.


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