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When it comes to safety signs, reliability is a big issue. Think of a scenario where a building needs to be evacuated and the electricity has gone out. Photoluminescent safety signs could be your only hope of ensuring that people are lead to safety. Photoliminescent safety signs are powered by ambient light and as such, they glow in the dark. They are not designed to light up a space, but rather to define a space and ensure that those in potential danger or an emergency can find their way to safety with ease and confidence. These types of safety signs have been used with great success in the marine and aviation industries for many years.

How does photoluminescent material work?

Material that is photoluminescent actually implements inorganic phosphors. These phosphors collect or draw light from nearby light sources. The phosphors absorb the light and this is what glows when the light is placed in a dark setting. Photoluminescent lights are undoubtedly superior to other illuminated signage types.

Benefits of photoluminescent signs

There are various benefits that photoluminescent signs offer over electrically wired safety signs with the most important benefit being that of 100% reliability. Glow in the dark signage such as this works with a chemical reaction. When a photoluminescent safety sign is correctly charged, it will not fail. This means that safety truly does come first when making use of these types of signs.

Another great benefit of photoluminescent signs is that they save energy. You won’t be powering up your safety signage with electricity. If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly way to provide safety, photoluminescent signs are the way to go. Photoluminescent signs also require no maintenance over the years.

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