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Signage plays an important role in capturing the attention of your target audience and engaging them. Many companies struggle with effective branding when it comes to signage and what it all really comes down to is how your signage is designed. Effectively designed signage will be able to accurate represent your brand and let your customers know exactly what direction you are going in. Creating signage is not just about designing a banner to be displayed somewhere. Make sure your signage items include display signs, vehicle signage, glass manifestations and banners, enabling an all-round marketing approach. Below are a few tips on how to design these types of signs:

  • Visibility is highly important. Readability and viewership potential are what will really make your signage stand out and be effective. Make sure your signage content is legible and that no one has to squint to see what it says.
  • Use eye-catching designs and colours. This is usually where people go wrong. They think that in order for their display signs to be eye catching they need to host a multitude of colours and this is simply not true. Keep your colours bright and bold – choose two colours and ensure your font and images are clearly printed.
  • Brand it. Make sure your logo or brand is highly visible first. Don’t place your logo in the corner in small print, make it big and bold – get your name out there.
  • Include a clever marketing message. Simply presenting the facts may work in some cases, but consumers have changed over the years. The market demands interesting and thought provoking marketing messages, so make your signage amusing or think of a quality pun that might work for your industry.
  • Only use quality materials in the manufacturing and printing of your sign. If your sign is going to be used outdoors, make sure it can withstand long term exposure to the elements without cracking, fading or peeling. Check with the signage company to see if they offer durable materials and waterproof and UV resistant printing inks and methods.

Display signs, vehicle signage, glass manifestations and banners from Display Signs

At Display Signs, we offer professional design, printing and manufacturing services for display signs, vehicle signage, glass manifestations and banners. All our signage products are designed from the finest and most durable materials.

If you would like to learn more about our signage, contact us at Display Signs today.


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