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Interior Signs for Care Homes

The Interior signs for Care Home Market is growing, as is the competition for lucrative, self funded, ‘Private’ clients.

A Care Home must designed as a total living environment for  guests, often able bodied, who  wish to live in company and in a style even exceeding what they are used too.

Restaurants, Cinemas, Bars and Cafes are the order of the day.

Display Signs have worked with the private care sector for many years, designing signage schemes that will present a 5* hotel feel to your guests and visitors.

  1. DESIGN – visualising  from your floor plans and finishing schedule,  Display Signs designers can determine numbers and type of signs would be suitable and  provide numbers.

Drawings are marked up , each colour representing a sign type..

  1. ESTIMATE – Once we have the numbers and type of signs needed for the project Display Signs will issue an estimate of the total cost for the signage including installation.
  2. DETAILED DESIGN AND DRAWING MARK UP – Once your order has been placed Display Signs design studio will design each sign for your approval and position the signs on the your plans.
  3. MANUFACTURE – at our purpose built factory in Uxbridge,  West London Display Signs are able to call on a variety of techniques to produce ‘ just the right signs’ for your project.
  4. INSTALLATION – Iain our senior installer and the guys will travel anywhere in the country, our beyond, to fit your signs.
  5. FEATURE SIGNS – Display Signs will design special feature signs for specific rooms or entrance areas
  1. GUARANTEE –at Display Signs we  take ownership of our projects and design our signs to good service for a long period. We keep details and drawings of your signs so should and signs be damage in any way we can make replacements

We can also make additional matching signs should you require them.

Please call Display Signs for information or any advice you need when specifying signs for your new Care Home.

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