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Construction projects and sites can be a dangerous place to work. As one of the most accident-prone sectors of the economy, companies are obliged to invest in safety and health signs for their offices as well as construction sites.

While most employees and construction site workers are aware of the risks and hazards involved with their jobs, it can be very difficult to control and improve workplace safety. Most responsible companies have already begun to invest in safety signs that they can erect on site.

One of the problems with creating safety signs for a construction site is that the signs can easily become damaged from rubble, wear and tear as well as moving the signs around from one project site to the next. It is for this reason you need to invest in hard-wearing, durable safety signs.

The four main types of signs that a construction company would need to invest in include:

  • Mandatory signs: These signs need to be erected in order to avoid fines and non-compliance issues.
  • Warning signs: This is a preventative sign that warns workers about elevated heat levels, unstable footing, ramps, pot holes or any other potential hazard.
  • Danger signs: A danger sign will warn people about potentially life-threatening hazards on site.
  • Emergency signs: These signs will show site workers the location or direction of emergency facilities and equipment such as first aid supplies and safety equipment.

Showcase your company as a responsible construction business by investing in durable safety signs. Contact Display Signs for more information today.


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