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Every company has different signage needs, but not everyone is aware of the different solutions available on the market. At Display Signs, we offer a wide variety of printing options for your signs. Digital printing is one of these services.

One of the reasons why people choose to invest in digitally printed signs is the fact that these prints are cost-effective and affordable. We use a cutting-edge, large format printer which prints with eco-friendly ink to showcase vibrant, crisp images on your signs.

Some of the items we can print with our digital printer include banners, large scale mounted photographs, customised wallpaper, exhibition display panels, window manifestations and pictorial hoarding signs (including artists’ impressions).

If you’re not already convinced, here are a few more reasons to invest in digitally printed signage:

  • Protected against the sun: The prints can be laminated for UV protection in order to ensure a high quality finish.
  • Ability to read the fine print: Digital prints mean people will be able to read your text with ease.
  • Quick turnaround times: We know many people require their signs in a hurry, which is why we can provide you with top quality prints within the shortest amount of time.
  • Print all types of labels: We are also able to print smaller items which need self-adhesive solutions such as numbered parking permits, special safety labels, advertising stickers, asset labels and safety induction stickers.

Need more information about our digital printing solutions? Then contact Display Signs today.

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