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Illuminating lights attract attention to your business and this form of shop signage is a fantastic advertising mechanism. However it may be a costly one. Solar signs provide a solution to the high running costs and are a far greater alternative to traditional electric operated signs. Finding a signage company which offers solar sign services is easy and could be the best investment for your business.

Here are five reasons why you should choose solar signs:

  1. Eco Friendly

Consider all the electricity required to power the illuminating lights found everywhere. Solar signs are eco-friendly and therefore a better alternative to traditional electricity powered signs. The materials used are also made from recycled material. This is your business doing its part for the environment.

  1. Cost Effective

The cost of electricity is always on the rise and it becomes an expensive source of power for signage. Signage companies can provide solar signs that provide 3 to 4 hours illumination each night, saving your business money.

  1. Ultimate Advertising

Not only are solar signs more economical and eco-friendly, but they are fantastic advertisers. Signs can be manufactured with QR Codes that allow customers instant access to all your business information via their smartphones. It keeps your business in the loop with the latest technology.

  1. Affordable Upgrade

Have you been using traditional sign boards up until now due to high costs of illuminating signs? You will be glad to know that solar signs are an affordable upgrade from old, somewhat dull signs. Solar signs are cost effective and economical making it possible to upgrade your shop signs for example.

  1. Make More Money

Solar signs promote your business in an eye-catching way. Increasing the appeal of your business to potential customers and therefore allowing your business to make more money.

Solar Signs Solution by Display Signs 

Our signage company provides solar signs, digital and recyclable signs services in a professional manner, whilst keeping your business up to date with the latest technology for all you signage requirements.

Contact us for further information on all signage from advertising and display signs to the latest solar signs including digital and recyclable signs.

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