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By closely examining the safety legislation pertinent to construction sites in the UK, you can determine which safety signs are essential for your site. Ensuring the safety of your construction workers and those who might be visiting the site can only be done if you have all the required safety signage available and correctly displayed, by law.

Below we have detailed a short list of four of the most important types of signs used by most sites, but keep in mind every site is different and will have different requirements according to the nature of the projects underway and the conditions in which the teams are working.

Important safety signs to consider:

At Display Signs we manufacture and supply these signs in strict accordance with legislation and regulations imposed by the construction and building industry. When supplying and installing signage, we ensure the correct display regulations are adhered to.

Our building and construction signs are manufactured to last

At Display Signs, our safety signs are manufactured from top quality materials and printed with inks that are UV resistant. Ensuring your signage does not fade, crack or peel when exposed to the elements is one of our aims at Display Signs.

Whilst having a range of existing compliant signs available in our online shop for you to choose from, we can also design and manufacture custom signs on site. We make use of the very latest technology and the most skilled designers to create signage that delivers high durability and effectively presents its message.

If you are looking for building signs and construction signs that are manufactured to last, take the time to contact us at Display Signs.

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