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When hiring a building or construction sign company it is essential to make sure they are skilled and experienced in the field. Why is this? This is to ensure that the team working on your construction signs is educated, trained and has the required expertise to handle the tasks set out for them. Many signs designed for the building and construction industry need to be present and properly displayed and it is best to employ a team that has some background knowledge on this.

Some accreditations you should look out for when hiring a building and construction sign company include:

  • SAFE contractor – this accreditation ensures that risk is reduced and that consumers can build and maintain an approved contractors list. Those accredited by SAFE contractor take health and safety competency seriously and are assessed regularly.
  • CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) – this scheme ensures that its members are all skilled, trained and qualified to provide their services to the construction industry.

What are your advertising options when choosing a latex sign product?

At Display Signs, we accredited by SAFE contractor and approved by CSCS. Our safety signs are designed from the highest quality materials and with the help of our professional design team we can create signage that is highly visible and durable too.

When it comes to latex signage the advertising options are phenomenal. Due to the way in which latex signage products can be printed, the completed product can be applied directly to the surface, with no gaps. This provides a sleek, upmarket and continuous appearance and our in-house latex printer makes this option affordable and convenient to our clients.

At Display Signs we offer a range of ready-made signage which is available for perusal in our online store. We can also make use of the latest technology to create and manufacture custom signage according to your needs. We encourage you to contact us to discuss your safety construction sign needs and our signage company will ensure you receive a variety of viable options to consider.

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