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Custom designed signage is often the first thing that potential customers will see and associate with your business. Banners in particular are a popular form of custom signage and if you want your business to have a professional and respectable image, it is important that you design and create a banner that truly reflects your business.

Below are a few important aspects to designing and creating an effective advertising banner for your business:

  • Visibility – consider the distance that you want your banner to be visible from and ensure you design and order your signage in the correct size for this. Also keep in mind where the banner will be located and consider potential obstacles for visibility. Using bright colours (without using too many) is a great way to ensure your banner is eye-catching.
  • Purpose your signage – if you plan to use the banner to advertise a particular event then this can set the theme, colour scheme and content of the advertisement. However, if you want to continue to use your banner at future events and occasions, it is important not to mention specific events or dates on the signage. Keep the advertising message simple and clear.
  • Avoid the clutter – less is certainly more when it comes to banner advertising. Keep the banner bold and interesting without cluttering it with too much text or images. Cluttering the advert will just make it difficult for your target audience to see and understand the marketing message.
  • Repetition – this is something that works in the advertising world. Why have one banner when having a series of banners is more likely to drive the message home. The banners don’t all have to be identical but should relate to each other and be set up in a series that are easily visible.
  • Branding – as far as possible the banner should reflect your corporate branding in terms of logo, colours, fonts and any ‘catch lines’.

Expert advertising banner design and installation

At Display Signs we offer expert advertising banner design and installation services to the market. For advertising purposes we can help with the design and creation of banners and flags for outdoor events, pop-up banners ideal for exhibitions and inside shopping centres and even personalised banners for weddings and private functions.

If you already have a design in mind, we can replicate your artwork onto the banner of your choice. If you don’t have a design, we can assist with creating the artwork for you using your logo, photographs, texts and information provided by you.

For more information on our design services for display signs and banners, contact us or send us your requirements today.

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