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It goes without saying that building and construction signs are essential for safety purposes and to ensure compliance with legislation and industry imposed regulations. Without these signs you could be in serious violation and can be faced with health and safety risks, hefty fines, litigation or even having operations shut down. You might have heard it time and again that you should approach an accredited signage and installation company to handle all of your building and construction signs, but why is this? Also, what sort of accreditations should you be looking for in a supplier and what does each mean/ensure? Construction and building sites need to be concerned by many risk factors that signage presents. Are the signs correctly displayed and clearly visible? Are the correct fall arrest systems in place? And so on.

First and foremost, accredited signage companies will be familiar with the laws, legislation and regulations/standards in place, when it comes to safety and warning signage. The company will be able to provide you with standard signage and also advise you on your options, if you need to have signage custom made and installed. Display Signs enjoys various accreditations as follows:

  • SAFEcontractor – companies accredited by SAFEcontractor are placed on an approved contractors list as they meet with a high standard in terms of health and safety compliance. Suppliers that are SAFEcontractor accredited are committed to industry best practice and offer little to no risks to the client.
  • Construction Line – companies accredited with Construction Line have undergone a pre-qualification process to their operations and business ethics meet with industry standards and present ensure that no risks to the customer/buyer. All suppliers listed with Construction Line are guaranteed to provide a legitimate and legal service and have the expertise required to service your needs professionally and safely. Over 21 000 suppliers are currently registered and making use of the Construction Line system/process.
  • CSCS – this stands for Construction Skills Certification Scheme and is an outcomes based system. This means your CSCS rating or “card” as it is called is based on the type of job you do and service level / expertise that you have. The cards we hold provide proof that we have the training and experience/qualifications to manufacture and install safety and warning building and construction signs according to latest legislation or industry imposed regulations.

Display Signs presents the market with a wide range of building and construction signs

At Display Signs we are accredited by SAFEcontractor, Construction Line and CSCS. Our accreditations provide our customers with peace of mind that our building and construction signs are fully compliant in terms of asbestos use, mobile platforms, fall arrest systems and various other health and safety aspects. Our working practices undergo annual assessments to ensure we maintain our accreditations from SAFEcontractor and CSCS.  Our sign fitters are also CSCS accredited – some have even achieved supervisor level and are regularly CRB checked.

To learn more about the type of accreditations you should be looking for in a building and construction signs manufacturer and installer, contact us at Display Signs via email or telephone today.



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