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Manifestations are images that are printed onto film which is applied to glass doors, windows, glass screens and glass walls.  The applications include safety, privacy and advertising.

Safety Manifestations

Who hasn’t, over the years, walked straight into a large glass door or screen, banging their head or worse, when visiting a strange shop or office?  This has proved a particular problem for the partially sighted.

It is now a health and safety requirement to apply manifestations glass doors and screens.  Manifestations are usually two rows of 50mm or 75mm white or frosted dots on the glass at 1500mm and 800mm levels above the floor.

Frosted manifestations cut in the shape of company brands can comply with health and safety requirements, as will large panels of the etched film with the companies graphics left as clear see through areas.

Privacy Manifestations

If you have glass partitioned meeting rooms or private offices within a large modern mostly open plan office area then carefully placed manifestation films on the glass can help provide privacy without restricting light and isolating the occupants.  Manifestations can be used on any glazed panel and are particularly useful in changing areas, medical rooms and on security and dividing screens.

With our digital printing technology we can also print company logos, advertising material and even semi transparent photographs onto the manifestation films before applying them to the glass.  Display Signs have used this to great effect at the new BP offices at Lakeside.

One Way Manifestations

Display Signs can print photos and graphics on to perforated one way films.  This material can be applied to the outside of windows enabling the person inside to see out but people outside can only see the printed image.  These are great for huge images on office or shop windows.

Printed Wall Coverings

Gone are the days when you have to choose your office or shop wall coverings from a sample book. We can design and manufacture custom printed wallpaper for shops and offices to include your pictures, logos, designs and messages.  We can print a mural for one wall of your reception area or customise a whole retail environment.

Magnetic wall covering systems

If you need to regularly change the images displayed on your walls at Display Signs we can supply a non adhesive, magnetic wall covering system. The wall is prepared and covered with a magnetic self adhesive wall covering.  Then, the display images are printed onto ferrous a film (impregnated with iron) that fixes to the wall by magnetism.

Removable & Repositionable Wall Graphics

We also produce digitally printed adhesive prints that can be stuck onto wallpaper and can be removed at a later time without damaging the wallpaper.  They are even reusable and can be repositioned onto another wall.

The images can be logos, photographs, notices – almost anything you want.  The images can be cut out and produced into almost any shape or size such as stars circles and even cut out life size people.  See our article on removable vinyl stickers for more detail.

This technology is particularly useful in exhibition environments when you are not permitted to drill or screw into the exhibition stands or the walls of the venue.

Display Signs have been providing window manifestations and wall coverings for many years.  Our digital printing technology can provide custom solutions rapidly and cost effectively.  Please contact us or let us have your requirements online so that we can let you have a quote.

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