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Display Signs Group has combined the finish and quality of our post and panel entrance signs with the efficiency and sustainability of solar power.  With a specially manufactured highly efficient LED light source, which is matched to a powerful 30w panel, these signs can achieve a luminance of up to 200 candela/M2 on a standard 1220x1000mm post mounted entrance sign.

During daylight (not necessarily bright sun) the solar panel charges up the onboard battery (a trickle charge over a long period)  When the light is required, the sign comes on for a preset period calculated to use slightly less power than one day’s average charging.

Each system is fitted with a programmable electronic timer so you can use the energy for the hours that have the greatest benefit to your business.

In most cases the solar equipment is mounted discretely to the back of the sign making it one single unit.  However, should the sign be shaded by trees, the solar panel can be sited remotely in a more exposed location.

Solar powered signs have many advantages over mains powered units…
• They can be sited remote from any building
• You do not need to have an expensive mains power supply installed
• The units work on only 12 volts and are safe for children or animals
• Once the unit is set up properly there are no running costs
• They are nviroenmentally friendly
• They are also not as expensive as you may think

Over the past 5 years The Display Signs Group have been working with Barchester Healthcare (the leading care home provider) and now fit solar powered entrance signs at all their new and refurbished care homes.

Display Signs work with designers and architects to develop systems to suit specific projects.

For further details please contact us by phone on 01895 812161, by email or by using the contact form.  If you have specific requirements please request a quotation.  There are more examples of Solar Powered Signs on Solar, Recyclable & LED Signs.

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