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Nobody remembers wayfinding signs unless they don’t work!

Wayfinding signage that does work conveys information and directions clearly and concisely without being confusing. The objective is to simply direct visitors to their required destination easily and quickly. The signs may be for pedestrians or for drivers.

A good wayfinding sign system requires knowledge not only of the building or area (the direction needs may be internal, external or both) but also of visitor’s needs.  Such a system will consist of series of signs which must both be clear and consistent in terms of style, colours, symbols etc.

There are four different types of wayfinding sign…
• The building or company name sign displayed externally
• Direction signs indicating routes to the various destinations
• Identification signs for those destinations
• Orientation signs such as maps with ‘You Are Here’ indicators

There are various options for wayfinding systems…
• Colour coding for different destinations or different types of destinations
• Removable and changeable signs to accommodate additions and change
• Graphic coding or symbols for different destinations or destination types
• Signs with tactile and Braille text
• Different materials including hard wearing and vandal proof solutions
• The use of building or room numbers/codes

Display Signs have considerable experience in designing, manufacturing and installing wayfinding signage.  We will work with you to design, produce and install the best wayfinding solution for your visitors’ needs.

After identifying all the different destinations as an extra service we can help to provide a set of maps or plans showing routes and what signage should be put at each point.  We will review and agree this with you.

We will then produce a design (or use your own design) that matches the environment, other signs and your corporate identity as required.

When the design has been agreed we will manufacture the signs and install them to the agreed plan.

Wayfinding Signage

Wayfinding Signs

If you want to find out more about how Display Signs can help you with wayfinding signage please call us on 01895 812161, email us or use our contact form.

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