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A QR code on your sign can help those with smart phones find out more about you.  If somebody scans a QR code with a smart phone it will take them straight to a page on your website.  Alternatively, the QR code can cause a video to be played or a contact form to be displayed.  This is a fantastic way for a normal sign to interact with your users, visitors, customers or prospects.

QR Code Usage on Signs

Here are 10 examples of how QR codes can be used…

  • A wayfinding sign can link to a map, information or directions to be displayed on a visitor’s smart phone.
  • A display sign can link to product information or offers.
  • An advertising or exhibition sign can link to information about your company, products and services.
  • A campaign sign can link to a contact form.
  • An event sign can link to a programme.
  • Business cards can have QR codes to link to the company website or individual contact details.
  • A bar or restaurant can have a QR code on menus and bills linking to a site where customers can leave reviews.
  • Vehicle graphics can have a QR code linking to the company website or details of an offer.
  • A safety sign can have a link to instructions or warnings.
  • Product instructions (or a label on the product itself) can link to more information, related products or a help contact form.

Using QR Codes

Where possible and appropriate it is often best to use a QR code to link to something specific such as product details or a special offer.  Whilst a QR code will link to a specific URL it is always possible to redirect this URL to the latest offer, featured product or latest news.

Also, it is possible to track the numbers of visitors who have linked through a QR code so it is possible to monitor the effectiveness of your advertising.

Here is an example of a QR code which links to one of the pages on our website.  To try it out you need to have a QR Code reader loaded on your smart phone (these are available free from any App Store).  Simply open the QR Code reader and point it at the code below.

Display Signs Custom Signs QR Code

If you want to find out more about QR Codes on signs and discuss how they can help your company then please call us on 01895 812161, email us or use our contact form.

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