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Advertising your business on your van, truck or coach (vehicle graphics) is one of the cheapest and most effective types of publicity that you will ever do.  You pay for it once or maybe twice (If you decide to change your message before you change the van) over the life of the vehicle and it can be seen by thousands of potential customers.  For a relatively modest outlay you can portray your professionalism and benefits even if you are a very relatively small enterprise.

Getting The Message Across

Less really does mean more when deciding what message to advertise on your vehicle.  Quite often your vehicle is moving, which decreases the possibility of potential customers reading long and complicated messages.  The emphasis should be put on describing what service you are offering and how to get in contact with you.  If you want to include more information than this then the back of the vehicle should be used as any vehicle following you stands a good chance of noticing this.  If you have a fleet of vehicles and a corporate identity then it is, of course, essential to stick to the house style but again keep it as simple and as legible as possible.

What Types of Vehicle Signage are Available?

Magnetic Signs

If you only need to use your vehicle occasionally for business or if you need to represent other companies from time to time, then magnetic signs are the answer.  These can be digitally printed with any message and applied or taken off whenever the need arises.

Vinyl Graphics

This is the more traditional form of vehicle marking using text and logos with, perhaps, the addition of digitally printed picture to enhance the effect.  With an almost endless choice of colours and letter styles to choose from, vinyl graphics are a cost effective way of making the most ordinary vehicle look special.

Wrapping Vinyl (Vehicle Wraps)

Vinyl vehicle wraps have recently become more versatile and it is quite common to see a van or bus that has been completely covered in vinyl, obscuring the original colour of the vehicle and displaying images as well as words.  Used imaginatively this form of vehicle marking can have a dramatic effect and be a great tool in strengthening brand awareness.

Vehicle Graphics and The Law

If you are involved with work on high speed roads then your vehicle has to be clearly marked for this purpose under Chapter 8 Vehicle Legislation.  This affects any vehicle from HGV’s through to cars that intentionally stop for inspection or work.  It is generally accepted that the following types of graphics should be applied to the rear of such vehicles;  “Chevron markings comprising alternate strips of fluorescent red retro-reflective material and fluorescent yellow non retro-reflective material of not less than 150mm width each, inclined at 45-60° to the horizontal and pointing upwards, or a solid block of fluorescent orange-red retro-reflective material.”

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