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Signing a school effectively can make a major contribution to the efficient day to day running of the site.  Clear, effective and well positioned entrance signs along with interchangeable internal directional signs and temporary event signs are just some of the elements that will make using the school easier for students and visitors.

First Impressions From the Entrance Sign

In recent years schools have become more image conscious with websites, promotional literature and external signs being used to portray a sense of quality and the ethos of the establishment. School entrance signs can be used in much the same way Digital sign making equipment makes the inclusion of multi coloured logos and tinted backgrounds economical to reproduce. Additionally vinyl graphics can be used to add the name of the head teacher or site manger so that these can easily be removed and replaced where necessary. The use of aluminium for the construction of the actual sign will ensure that the sign will look good for many years.

External Directional Signs

As schools sites have evolved over the years, new buildings have been added which can be some  distance away from the main building. In this instance external directional signs are vital. Free standing multi directional fingerpost signs, signs with site plans incorporated within them and building name signs are all options that should be considered.

Internal Directional and Room Signs

Internal directory signs should be flexible to ensure that location or name changes can be easily accommodated.  Signs with inserts or with removable lettering are readily available giving your signmaker or in house design technician the ability to update sections rather than changing the whole sign.

Motivating the Students

Traditional honours boards are still used to recognise achievement and due to modern techniques easy to keep updated. Some schools have taken this a stage further opting for photo displays to highlight recent graduates or celebrating success on the sports field.

Temporary and Event Signs

The technology behind banner making has also moved on making it easier to include photographs, student artwork or logos. External advertising banners are an economical way to advertising open days, sporting events and the inevitable fund raiser. Pop up displays are also useful tools for publicising events within the school building.

Find the Right Signmaker

A good signmaker will always advise on wayfinding, design, the correct use of materials and most importantly how to make your school signs “future proof”. Obviously there are costs involved in creating a good image for your school but the getting professional guidance at the outset will save a lot of money in the long term.

For further details please contact us by phone on 01895 812161, by email or by using the contact form.  If you have specific requirements please request a quotation.  There are more examples of School and College Signs on Education & Health Signs.

School Temporary Direction Banner from Display Signs

School Entrance Sign by Display Signs

School Interchangeable Directory Sign by Display Signs

School Finger Point Sign by Display Signs

School Entrance Sign by Display Signs

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