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Facilities and Building Management has become more demanding over the last couple of decades due to the ever increasing complexity of modern buildings and the higher demands being made by tenants, landlords and regulatory authorities. It is no surprise then that building signage gets left to the last minute or simply gets overlooked.

Display Signs has developed a strong relationship with facilities managers and facilities management teams which gives us an understanding of what is required to keep buildings and estates well signed and, importantly, compliant with the latest legislation.

Display Signs have provided signs for

  • Multi – Tenanted Buildings
  • Business Parks
  • Headquarters Buildings
  • Industrial and Factory Estates
  • Hospitals and Clinics
  • Retail Parks
  • Universities and Schools
  • MOD Buildings and Bases
  • Sports Grounds and Clubs
  • Residential Apartment Blocks
  • Shopping Centres and Car Parks (follow link for more information)

Display Signs – Your Partner in Signs

Display Signs offers advice and guidance to Facilities Managers at every stage of sign procurement and installation. For example, if you have received a particularly vague Fire Risk Assessment, Display Signs will quantify this and quote for the signs that you need to make your building safe. If you have a tenant that requires signage for their own offices rather than the common parts, Display Signs can liaise directly with the tenant to save you time.

Display Signs can help with all types of signs for your building including…

  • Tenant Directory Signs and Directional Signage
  • Updates to Existing Tenant Directories
  • Name Signs for Buildings, Estates and Business Parks
  • CCTV Signage (bespoke or off the shelf)
  • “Building Managed by “ Signs and Plaques
  • DDA signs and Manifestations for Glass (follow link for more information)
  • Lift Signs & Toilet signs
  • Portable Hazard Signs
  • Fire and Safety Signs all in stock for immediate dispatch (follow link to our online shop)



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