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The more important the message, the more important it is to ensure high quality, consistent signage. This is especially true for the public sector, where poor or confusing signage can have lasting impact on the general public. Professional, quality signage is vital in the public sector, offering the following advantages:

Consistency, consistency, consistency – By ensuring all signage follows the same format, and regularly uses the same set of icons or graphics to depict certain ideas there is less confusion as to a sign’s message. Consider inconsistent safety signs or road signs that could put the lives of ordinary people in danger if the message is unclear.

Know who’s saying what – Not only does consistency ensure a clear message, it also makes clear under who’s authority the message is being broadcast. For example, all official traffic signs follow a pattern with regards to colour use, shape, font and graphics. If an official traffic sign had to break from this norm, it would most likely be ignored as drivers would not recognise it as carrying an official message

Quality that lasts – Frequently, public sector sign boards are placed outdoors and need to be able to stand the test of time. Essential safety signs and traffic signs that become faded or damaged too quickly will not serve their purpose in the long run, possibly with disastrous consequences. Choose high quality signage that will last a long time.

Professional equals important – Most people unconsciously judge the importance of something by its apparent quality. A sign that has been professionally designed and produced is more likely to make the public sit up and take notice, no matter what the importance of the message. If your message is vital, then make sure your signage is of the highest quality.

Choose the best quality, consistent signage for the public sector at Display Signs 

As a signage company that offers professional design paired with expert production, Display Signs is the best solution for professional public sector signage. Speak to us today about our wide variety of signage products and services to ensure consistency when the message is important.

For further information or queries on signage for the public sector, including road signs, traffic signs and safety signs, contact us today.

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