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First impressions definitely do count and when it comes to your company’s signage this is certainly true. Any signage company will tell you consistency in signage design is the key to creating a professional first impression. From shop signs to construction signs, consistent branding ensures your logo and visual identity are more easily recognised by your clients, so that your company is at the forefront of their minds when they are seeking or recommending your services.

It is essential to consider the following to achieve consistency in your signage:

Consistency means respectability – Signage that has been consistently designed and is consistent with all other sign boards and branding in your company looks more professional and lends an air of respectability. If you can show you are serious about keeping your branding ‘neat and tidy’, then your customers will assume you will be just as professional in your dealings with them.

Your brand should be iconic – By always working your signage within definite boundaries of design, your company’s branding becomes a visually recognisable set of colours, fonts and shapes that your clients will remember. By consistently using a professional logo (and never multiple logos) in the same colours, with the same set of colours and consistent fonts, you create a visual identity which will stick in your customers’ minds.

Create a template for your signage – From shop signs and display signs to building signs, all signage which represents your company should look similar and follow the same template. Always use the same font, colours, graphics and logo positioning and as far as possible, choose similar sizes and the same format of manufacture for all signage.

Whether it’s a sign for the reception, or a construction sign, consistency is signage design is vital to ensure the first impression your company makes is a good one and that your clients will both remember and recognise your brand and associate you with professional service.

Let Display Signs help you with consistent signage design

Whatever your signage needs, our design experts at Display Signs can ensure your signage is consistent and professional. From shop signs to construction signs and everything in between, we can help you create a great first impression that lasts in the minds of your clients.

Contact us for further information on all signage, including display signs, building signs, shop signs and more.

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