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When it comes to safety signs there are various standards that need to be met in order for your signage to be considered fully compliant. In the safety signage industry common standards covering fire safety, potential health hazards, prevention of accidents and emergency evacuation procedures to name but a few, are covered by BS 5499 and ISO 7010 regulations and standards. Road signs must be in compliance with various legal requirements set in place by local authorities.

Of course the industry standards you are meant to comply with will be dependent on the industry in which you operate your business. Regulations per industry will dictate where and how your signage should be displayed and to what extent the detail of the information should be on the actual signage.

It can be quite overwhelming to create safety signage that is fully compliant and in accordance with the various expectations and regulations imposed by the various industries and local authorities. For this reason it is best to consult with the experts at Display Signs to ensure your signage is always precise and correct. We offer a full range of signage from works and road signs to warning signs and more.

Customise your safety signs with your company logo or message

In addition to our ready-made standard signs, we also offer custom safety signs to our clients. These are ideal for those who find their business or site has specific requirements and also want to ensure all their signage forms part of the company’s corporate identity.

At Display Signs we can incorporate your company logo, slogan and other related artwork into your safety signage design. Once manufactured, we will professionally install your signage for you and ensure they meet with the various regulations and laws in place. Our custom safety signage design services cater to corporate safety signs, safety window graphics, traffic signs as well as health and safety notice boards.

Contact us or send us your requirements to learn more about our custom safety signs design, manufacture and installation services today.

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