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Technology continues to drive innovation and change for both businesses and consumers.  Companies that don’t adopt digital technologies risk being overtaken by their competitors.  At Display Signs we are continually introducing new technologies into our sign making to help serve our customers.  These technologies not only improve the way we make signs but also bring new benefits to our customers.  Here are some examples of what we can do to help you…

Digital Printing

With our digital printing technology we can print signs onto almost any material both quickly and cost effectively.  We can produce high quality, full colour prints on media including foam and aluminium composite sheet, high performance vinyl, banners, posters, acrylic, and correx in sizes of up to 2.4 metres wide up to 50mm thick.  For more information see Digital Printing and UV Printer.

Solar Powered Signs

Solar powered signs are illuminated signs (using LED technology) that are powered from batteries that charged up by sunlight.  As well as being a sustainable and efficient solution this means that the signs to not have to be located by or connected to a conventional power source.  LED illumination is much more cost effective and longer lasting than halogen, neon or fluorescent lighting.  We can, of course, produce LED illuminated signs powered by batteries or mains power.  For more information see our Solar Powered Signs Article.

QR Codes

A QR code on your sign can help those with smart phones find out more about your company, your services and your products.  When somebody scans your QR code with a smart phone it will take them straight to a page on your website, a video or a contact form.  This is a fantastic way for your signs to interact with your users, visitors, customers or prospects.  For more information see our QR Codes Article.

To find out more about how Display Signs can use our sign making skills coupled with the latest technologies to help your business call us on 01895 812161, email us or use our contact form.


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