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While it is a legal health and safety requirement to apply glass manifestations to glass doors, partitions and screens. Many advertising companies have realised the advertising opportunity this particular regulation presents. As a result, using glass manifestations for branding and marketing is certainly trending in the advertising world at present.

All full length glass doors, windows, signs and partitions must be clearly marked with manifestations. To ensure the presence of glass is obvious so that injury can be avoided.  Glass Manifestations and Building regulations 2000, part M, dictates that two rows of glass manifestations measuring either 50mm or 75mm must be present on the glass at either 1500mm or 800mm from the floor. This means company logos and advertising messages which abide by the size and height regulations will meet with the health and safety requirement while capitalising on marketing opportunities. The Disability Discrimination Act also demands that the correct provisions are made with regards to glass manifestations and markings to make access safer for the visually impaired.

The best option to use for such branding and advertising would be vinyl stickers and signs, which should be designed and applied by a professional signage company with existing knowledge of the Buildings Regulations 2000 and Disability Discrimination Act. Where do you turn to for such a service? Display Signs of course.

Glass manifestations from Display Signs

At Display Signs we offer a range of existing glass manifestations for you to choose from. We also offer a service whereby we can custom design and manufacture signs for advertising and marketing purposes. Our glass manifestations are made from durable materials to ensure long service and our knowledge of the Building Regulations 2000 and Disability Discrimination Act will ensure your signage is created according to stipulated specifications and correctly applied.

If you would like to learn more about the regulations in place for glass manifestations and would like to ensure you invest in the right signs and manifestations for your building, contact us at Display Signs today.


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