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Need tips on designing and printing a banner or sign for a sponsored event? Sponsoring a local event at Christmas is a great way to create a feeling of goodwill amongst your target audience. It’s also a great way to capitalise on your advertising opportunities. How do you do this? By making sure you have banners and signage present, letting everyone know your business is sponsoring or hosting the event of course.

Below are a few tips on designing the ideal banner or advertising boards for your sponsored event:

  • Determine what the final printed size of your banner or signage will be. This will help you to design in the right format and size for the best possible print. Trying to redesign or enlarge your advert after the fact can result in distortion and a poor quality print.
  • Don’t try to obviously steal the limelight. Remember the real cause behind the event. Make sure your banner includes the details of the event and includes your branding or logo too. While your logo and details should be highly visible, they shouldn’t over shadow the event.
  • Avoid banding which is a result of using gradients in your design. You must have seen it before…a large format banner or sign with obvious lines in the print. You can avoid this by using solid colours and keeping away from gradients.
  • Keep the design simple and legible. Banner and advertising sign boards tend to offer a large space to advertise. This being said, it’s best to keep the space open and the message clear. It will take away from the effectiveness of the banner advert itself.
  • Ensure the banner’s design includes safe and secure attachment features. Knowing your banner can be securely installed and displayed without posing a safety risk is essential.

Custom designed and digitally printed banners and signage from Display Signs

At Display Signs, we are a signage company that offers professional services for the custom design and digital printing of signs, banners and advertising boards. When consulting with us, our professional team members will ensure you are effectively advised on your options and which design would be most effective.

If you would like to learn more about our range of digitally printed and custom designed banners and signage, contact us at Display Signs today.


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