Display Signs

When it comes to event signs and banners, a speedy turnaround can often mean compromising on the quality of your signs. With Display Signs, however, that is not the case.

Here at Display Signs, we pride ourselves on our ability to produce quality signs at affordable prices on a tight schedule and guarantee complete customer satisfaction. Our ability to do this lies in the fact we make use of new digital printing techniques that require minimal set up and enable us to create advertising works of art at high speeds and on virtually any material.

We also make use of flatbed cutters which enable us to create event signs and banners according to your size and shape specifications. Making use of this technology also saves on time.

For signage in a hurry, correx boards and banners are an excellent advertising investment as they can be turned out quickly at minimal cost. Their durability enables them to withstand any weather conditions and they are guaranteed to attract attention.

In-house design and manufacture of your advertising signs

Our team is highly qualified and will be more than willing to consult with you throughout the entire design process. We offer in-house design services and can work with your design or create something completely new according to your needs.

We manufacture and deliver your signs and are even available to help with the installation process should you require it.

To learn more about the wide variety of signage services we offer, feel free to contact us or send us your requirements.

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