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What material should I choose for my sign?

There are many materials that we can make signs from, and the right choice depends on the type of sign, its location & how long it needs to last. We often combine many of the materials below to create multi-layered 3D signage.

Aluminium Composite

Aluminium composite (ACP) consists of two thin sheets of aluminium bonded to a polyethylene core. The result is a strong and stiff sign that is much lighter than its aluminium equivalent. ACP is an ideal material for indoor & outdoor signs that need to be long-lasting. It is suitable for sizes ranging from 100mm to 3 meters or bigger!

ACP forms the structure of the sign to which a digitally printed vinyl graphic is applied. A laminate is applied to the vinyl graphic to give the sign a gloss, matt or anti-graffiti laminate face. The result is a durable sign which will last for many years.

Aluminium composite is a great material choice for:

  • Flat-panel signs that are wall or fence mounted
  • Folded sign trays
  • Hoardings
  • Post mounted signs
  • Newspaper stands

We are also able to print braille and tactile lettering to the face of ACP signs.

PVC Foam

PVC Foam has a fine cell structure that can be printed directly onto using our UV printer. The result is a high-quality cost-effective product. For a more premium finish, your sign can have matt, gloss or anti-graffiti, digitally printed vinyl applied with wrapped edges.

Foam signs come in a range of thicknesses from 3mm – 25mm. Thin sheets are perfect if you are mounting to a curved surface, or magnetically mounting to a steel structure. A thicker foam would be ideal for a free-standing display.

Foam signs are suitable for both interior and external use. When used internally, foam signs will continue to look great for many years. For outside use, they are a high-quality temporary sign with a life of up to 2 years.

PVC foam is a great choice for:

  • Free-standing display boards
  • Hanging signs
  • Signs fitted to curved walls
  • Signs in road frames
  • Event & Wedding signage 


Acrylic is a highly versatile sign-making material suitable for interior and exterior use. The material itself comes in many colours, however most commonly, Display Signs uses clear acrylic with a digital print applied to the rear. Clear acrylic with polished edges gives a very premium look, whilst a silk finish acrylic is perfect for care home signage where an anti-glare finish is required for dementia sufferers.

Display signs specialise in printing braille and tactile lettering to the face of acrylic signs helping your business to become DDA compliant.

Translucent acrylic is used for backlit signs and all colours and finishes are a great choice for both internal and external flat-cut letters.

Acrylic signs are ideal for:

  • Dementia friendly signage requiring an anti-glare finish
  • Braille signs
  • Flat cut letters
  • Interior directional signage
  • Plaques
  • Lightboxes & Back-lit signs

Brushed Gold/Silver Aluminium Composite

Display Signs’ indicia range of signage is UV printed directly onto brushed gold or brushed silver aluminium composite (ACP). The result is a cost-effective sign with a premium aesthetic. Brushed silver or gold ACP signs can be produced in any size and are perfect for your interior signage scheme.

Display signs can print braille and tactile lettering to the face of our brushed silver and gold ACP signs helping your business to become DDA compliant.

Brushed Silver & Gold ACP signs are great for:

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a versatile material typically used for built-up letters, flat-cut letters or plaques. Available in a brushed finish, polished finish or powder coated in any colour, stainless steel is a fantastically durable option for your interior or exterior signs.

Brushed stainless steel plaques are typically chemically etched and filled in full colour. In instances where the artwork would need to be changed (for example if names need to be changed for new starters), then we would apply the artwork in vinyl to the face.

Stainless steel is a great material choice for:


Correx is a lightweight, corrugated polypropylene material perfect for temporary signs to advertise your event. Artwork is UV printed directly onto correx giving a high-quality but cheap signage solution.

Our correx signs can be supplied with holes for cable tying to lamp posts or screwing to wooden stakes; or eyeletted and supplied with bungees to fixing to wire fences.

Correx is the best material choice for low-cost, exterior temporary signs.

High-impact rigid PVC

High-impact rigid PVC is a low-cost material, 1mm thick. Artwork is UV printed directly onto the background of the sign. Suitable for internal and external use, rigid PVC is typically used for mandatory signs such as Fire Action notices. Our PVC signs can also be photoluminescent.

Typically fixed using double-sided adhesive tape or supplied with holes, common safety signs can be bought on our online shop. Please enquire with our sales team for bespoke designs.


Our magnetic signs are digitally printed onto vinyl they are perfect for temporary signage or if you don’t want to damage the surface you are mounting your sign onto, so long as it’s ferrous – e.g. steel.

Magnetic signs are perfect for:

We can also apply magnetic material to the rear of our PVC foam signs. Typical applications include fitting signs to corrugated steel warehouses where the location isn’t permanent.


Banners are a fantastic way to advertise an event or promotion. Display Signs’ banners are UV printed directly onto a flexible PVC material. We then hem the edges and eyelet the banner ready for fitting with bungees, cable ties or screws. These banners are available in virtually any size and can be rolled away when not in use.

If your banner will be fitted to Heras fencing, across a street or in another windy location, we can supply you with a mesh banner which will reduce the wind loading and the likelihood of rips or tears.

Pop-up banners are free-standing and can be assembled in seconds. When not in use, the spring-loaded banner retracts into a cassette and can be packed into a carry bag for easy transportation. Our pop-up banners are 850x2000mm. They are perfect for indoor exhibitions, presentations & events.


Polished brass plaques are typically chemically etched and can be filled in full colour. They are perfect for exterior or interior use where a traditional look is required. In instances where the artwork would need to be changed (for example if personnel names need to be changed for new starters), then we would apply the artwork in vinyl to the face.


Wood is probably the most traditional sign making material. When combined with modern manufacturing processes, the result is a high quality and durable sign. Our wooden signs are manufactured from FSC certified timber with graphics laser or router carved. The graphics are then filled in any colour. Exterior signs feature a high-performance water-based wood finish to protect them from weather.

Wood is often combined with other sign making materials such as acrylic, stainless steel or brushed silver/gold ACP, for high-end plaques and other signage.

Wood is a good choice for:

Please contact Display Signs’ expert team who will be happy to help you with any signage enquiry you may have.

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