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What a Difference a Braille Sign Makes

Braille Facts:

  • Braille is not a language. Rather, it’s a tactile alphabet that can be used to write in almost any language. There are braille versions of Spanish, Arabic, Chinese etc.
  • Braille takes up a lot of space on a page. Braille books are much larger than traditional print books. For example, the braille book of “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” is 10 volumes.
  • Braille started out as a military code. Braille started out as a military code to allow the French army to communicate at night. The code was called “Night Writing” and consisted of 12 dots that could be read by touch. As a young boy, Louis Braille learned “Night Writing” and spent nine years developing it and refining the system and turning it into the Braille we know today.

Spaces and buildings which include braille signage, for example on doors or wayfinding signs on walls, can really help people who read braille to maintain their independence when out and about. Improve the accessibility of your site and facilities for people who are visually impaired by incorporating braille lettering into your interior signage.

Display Signs has created a flexible range of clear and easy to read signs for the visually impaired that would slot seamlessly into your interior design concepts and colour schemes. Our ranges combine raised tactile lettering, Class 1 UK Braille and a choice of matt finish colours.

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