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There have been significant reductions in the annual number of deaths and injuries in the construction building site industry over the last 20 years.  However, construction remains a high risk industry.  Although construction accounts for only 5% of employees it still accounts for 22% of fatal injuries and 10% of major injuries.

Safety improvements have been driven by better working practices and better training along with safer clothing and equipment.  There may be risks to visitors and non-workers who cannot always be excluded from a building site.  The responsibility for site safety falls upon all involved: workers, contractors and the owner.

One particular aspect of building site safety is signage.  Good signage can help to enforce safe working practices and to identify hazards.  Signage will help improve the safety of both workers and visitors.

Safety Signs

For a small site, such as an extension or a development of one or two houses, which has clear escape routes, you can probably cover most signage needs with an all encompassing single health and safety sign at the entrance.  You must also be aware of and sign specific hazards such as asbestos, high voltage electricity and dangerous processes that may be in occurring on the site.

For larger construction sites you will need to have more comprehensive signage.   You will need signs for defined fire escape routes, fire points, first aid, medical evacuation plans, confined space identification and procedures along with a full range of specific hazard signage pertaining to each area and phase of the site.  You will also need welfare signage for canteen, toilets, and showers along with site office identification.  It is a good idea to have a simple health and safety notice board in a common area where you can post your safety plans and highlight specific risks for that day or week.


The majority of these signs are available on 1mm thick rigid PVC and can be purchased from our online sign shop.

Traffic Warning & Direction Signs

There is a danger of accidents when large vehicles are turning, reversing or unloading.  You should provide prominent signs up and down the road, usually metal framed free standing signs, to warn and direct drivers.

Deliveries, visitors & subcontractors need to find the site easily. You should provide a clear contractor/project name sign.  Small Correx directional signs, with your company/project name should, if the local authority allows it, be placed at strategic points on the surrounding arterial roads signing a safe route for delivery vehicles.


Sales & Marketing Signs

If you are building houses or flats then a large site hoarding can provide a wonderful 2.5m tall by many metres long space to advertise your build.  Pictorial hoarding panels with artist’s impressions, lifestyle photos and graphics can prove valuable and low cost advertising.

If there is a Sales and Marketing Suite this will require signage on the outside and display boards within.  You will have to provide signs for visitor parking and safety for the potential purchasers.



Display Signs have been providing signage for the construction industry over the last 35 years.  Our online sign shop has standard signage for most construction industry needs.  However, if you require something different (for example signs with company logos) then please let us have your requirements as we can provide custom signs rapidly and cost effectively.


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