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Brendan Waller - Designer 25/03/2016

Hi Paul

Just to say thanks for the panels – they worked really well and made our area
really stand out.


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Sally - Chief Instructor 25/03/2016

Hi Alan,

The stickers look great even though they’re small they should be fine and look very nice.

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Andy Fewings - Managing Director 25/03/2016

Hi Neeta,

My new sign arrived today and I am delighted with it, it looks great and the fixings are just spot on!

Many thanks again,

Kind Regards,

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Sally 25/03/2016

Dear Paul

The sign is fantastic, thank you. No-one will be able to drive along Yeading Lane now and not know there’s a church there!
And the nursery sign is good as well.

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Northwood HQ 25/03/2016

One of the consequences of my recent talk about my work on the signage at Northwood (delivered to the Sign Design Society last Thursday) was the following feedback, it comes from one of the attendees of the talk who has a relative who works on-site:

“The signing is stylish and considering the situation i.e. working around operating staff in functioning offices, it was carried out efficiently with clean signage fitted. The
old tired entrance sign has been replaced with very modern polished boxed letters, this displaces the old cold war military image and replaces it with the new high tech military image of today. This gives … a feeling of well being and pride in their work and work place.”

I thought you all might like to hear that.