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External signs – keeping the local authority onside

Business signage needs to be as prominent as possible so that it gets noticed…

How to choose the right signage for your business

Business signage needs to be as prominent as possible so that it gets noticed…

Impactful Signage for business success

Business signage needs to be as prominent as possible so that it gets noticed…

Fire safety signs – complying with the new law

New fire safety guidance comes into force on 1 October 2023…

Safety signs for your business

‘Fire Exit’, ‘Mind Your Head’, ‘No Access’ and ‘Hazard Warning’ – these are just a few of the myriad signs under the banner of health and safety that we encounter every day in the workplace and most public buildings.

Signage and the Customer Experience

The easiest way to appreciate the importance of signage to customer experience is to imagine what life would be like without it.

Supplying Artwork Guide

Supplying Artwork Guide An image that looks great on-screen might not look so great in print. If the image that looked sharp on your monitor appears pixelated in print, that’s down to resolution. What is Resolution? Resolution is a description of image quality, it is measured in pixels per inch (ppi) on screen and dots [...]

Top Three Things to Consider when Choosing Signs for your Care Home

Top Three Things to Consider when Choosing Signs for your Care Home Whilst there might be other items at the top of a care home manager’s priority list, the importance of signage cannot be understated. A well-signposted care home is vital to its smooth running and the wellbeing of its residents. 1. Who will be [...]

Signs for Schools & Colleges

Education Signs As another school year draws to a close, the summer holidays are a great time to freshen up school signage for the new academic year. Whether you want to rebrand, improve your DDA compliance or are simply in need of a refresh – Display Signs have you covered. We specialise in designing, manufacturing [...]

What material should I choose for my sign?

What material should I choose for my sign? There are many materials that we can make signs from, and the right choice depends on the type of sign, its location & how long it needs to last. We often combine many of the materials below to create multi-layered 3D signage. Aluminium Composite Aluminium composite (ACP) consists [...]

Case Study – Beulah Vista Care Home

Case Study – Beulah Vista Care Home Display Signs specialise in providing a complete bespoke sign service to the care industry. From an initial survey where we will help you determine what signs you require; we will then look after artwork design, manufacture and installation of your interior and exterior signage. We were approached by [...]

Facility Management Signs

Signs That Make Facilities Manager's Lives Easier At Display Signs we understand that a key role of any Facilities Management service provider is to ensure that their building works for their client and its employees and visitors. Possibly at the forefront of every facilities manager’s mind is safety. Signs are an essential tool to keep [...]

Display Signs Welcomes Boris Johnson

Display Signs Welcomes Boris Johnson On Tuesday 15th February 2022 the team at Display Signs welcomed Uxbridge and South Ruislip MP and British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, to our state-of-the-art factory in Uxbridge. After our signs caught Mr Johnson’s eye during a visit to Brunel University, he decided that he must see how and where they [...]


EXPERIENCED SIGN AND GRAPHICS INSTALLER UXBRIDGE - WEST LONDON Established over 40 years ago, we have vast experience as leaders in the sign manufacturing industry.  We deliver bespoke signage solutions to our large portfolio of clients. Due to continued success and growth of the company, we are looking to recruit an experienced sign and graphics [...]

What a Difference a Braille Sign Makes

What a Difference a Braille Sign Makes Braille Facts: Braille is not a language. Rather, it’s a tactile alphabet that can be used to write in almost any language. There are braille versions of Spanish, Arabic, Chinese etc. Braille takes up a lot of space on a page. Braille books are much larger than traditional [...]

Give your Christmas market a boost!

Give your Christmas market a boost! Christmas is almost upon us and you’re probably in the final stages of organising your Christmas market. Don’t forget your signage! Display Signs can help boost your seasonal sales and create a special festive atmosphere for your customers. Increase footfall at your Christmas market or fayre by displaying pre-event [...]

Does your Care Home need a Refresh?

Does your Care Home need a Refresh? Display Signs are experts in providing high quality signage for Care Homes. From hoardings and flags during construction to exterior signs and monoliths, Display Signs have solutions to help you advertise your Care Home. Alongside our ability to create custom signs to your exacting requirements, we have developed [...]

James/Emily (new recruits)

Display Signs Welcomes James and Emily London sign makers, Display Signs, gives its team a boost by adding two new recruits to the fold. Display Signs is delighted to welcome duo James and Emily.  James, whose spent the past four years in the automotive industry, has a strong background in production and design. James said, [...]

Display Signs Exhibit at Care Show 2021

Display Signs have been Caring for Care Homes for over 30 years. We manufacture, supply and install every type of sign for your Care Home. From marketing hoardings and flags announcing your new development to monoliths and exterior signs announcing your arrival. We produce interior signs from the Laundry Room to the Managers Office including [...]

Education Institutions Braille & Tactile Signs

Education Institutions Braille & Tactile Signage Display Signs are offering Braille & Tactile Signs for Educational Institutions, which are fully customisable to meet your specific needs. These Signs are DDA compliance with Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) accreditation. Our Braille & Tactile Signs range are suitable for Schools, Colleges, Universities and Learning centres. [...]

Care Home & Hotel Braille & Tactile Signs

Care Home & Hotel Braille & Tactile Signage Display Signs are offering Braille & Tactile Signs for Care Homes and Hotels, which are fully customisable to meet your specific needs. These Signs are DDA compliant with Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) accreditation. With the combination of Braille & Tactile imagery, we can design [...]

Re-opening Pubs, Restaurants, Cinemas, Hotels & Playgrounds

COVID-19 Re-Opening Pubs, Restaurants, Hotels, Cinemas & Playgrounds Following the Governments Covid- 19 roadmap out of lockdown and to support you as you safely re-open your Pubs, Restaurants, Hotels & Cinemas, Display Signs have produced a range of COVID ready signs and graphics to meet your needs. Re-Opening your businesses for in-person customer service as [...]

Re-Opening Schools, Colleges, Universities and Care Homes

COVID-19 Re-Opening Schools, Colleges, Universities and Care Homes Following the Government's roadmap out of lockdown and to support you as you safely re-open your Schools, Colleges, Universities and Care Homes, Display Signs have produced a range of COVID ready signs and graphics to meet your needs. Re-Opening Educational Institutions and Health Care facilities for in-person [...]

Tactile & Bilingual Signage

Display Signs, working with Just Imagine Contract Interiors, at the new Ty Ynysawdre care home and close care development in Tondo in South Wales have developed a range of interior signs that combines both the Welsh Language & Tactile Raised Lettering with the unique style of our exclusive uncompromising interior sign system.

Interior Signs for Care Homes

The Care Home Market is growing as we go into 2018, as is the competition for lucrative, self funded, ‘Private’ clients.

British Airways | Training Simulator

Following the closure of the British Airways sign shop last year Display Signs has stepped up to fill the void.

Custom Printed Roller Blinds Article

Display Signs now offer a range of custom printed roller blinds, roller blinds can be custom printed to in fit seamlessly into your interior design with patterns to compliment your wall coverings or furniture.

Display Signs Celebrates its 40th Birthday

40 Years ago Display Signs began trading. From one job to another the company has now developed into a thriving business with over 20 staff.

Signs for Care Homes

We at Display Signs believe in producing signs not only to showcase the name of the Care Home but also to make Care Homes stand out from the rest.

SIGNS – The traditional way

Over the past 40 years Display Signs has evolved and developed from traditional sign writing to more modern sign making techniques whilst retaining the age old skills required to produce bespoke gold leaf and old fashioned oil painted signs.

Display Signs ( How it all Began )

Given how visual technology has changed over recent years, there is a new world of possibilities in digital wallpaper that can look stunning, creative and individual.

4 types of compulsory safety signs for the UK workplace

What safety signs does your UK business have to have? According to the Safety Signs and Signals Regulations of 1996, all UK workplaces must feature easily recognisable signs and symbols relating to safety matters.

Showcase your company with quality exhibition signs

How your business is represented at events and exhibitions is vitally important. In fact, your exhibition signs will be providing your target audience with a close look at your company image. Exhibition signs must be highly visible, printed clearly and with simple, yet engaging designs. You will also need to ensure that your exhibition signs […]

Safety First with Photoluminescent Signs

When it comes to safety signs, reliability is a big issue. Think of a scenario where a building needs to be evacuated and the electricity has gone out. Photoluminescent safety signs could be your only hope of ensuring that people are lead to safety. Photoliminescent safety signs are powered by ambient light and as such, […]

Why consistent design is key to effective shop signage

Your shop signs actually form a large part of your visual branding and marketing strategy. A distinct and consistent image must be formed in your customer’s mind in order to have them returning for more or remembering your products and services. Your shop’s display signs act as a signature for your business and will create […]

Expanding your hospitality business in 2016? Get the very best safety and advertising signs today!

Signage plays an important role in your hospitality business and marketing strategies. Capturing your client’s attention is just as important as your company logo and branding design. e understand that when your hospitality business is going through an expansion, branding and safety are at the top of your list. That’s why when expanding your hospitality […]

Update your company’s image this New Year with these great signage trends

Need innovative and creative ideas on signage, design and marketing this New Year?  Grabbing the attention of new clients and keeping the old faithful’s interested are part of your marketing process to keep your business flourishing. There is nothing better than adding a fresh coat of paint to your company’s image in 2017 to keep […]

How to design signage that accurately represents your brand – and where you’re going

Signage plays an important role in capturing the attention of your target audience and engaging them. Many companies struggle with effective branding when it comes to signage and what it all really comes down to is how your signage is designed. Effectively designed signage will be able to accurate represent your brand and let your […]

Quality is essential when it comes to safety signs on construction sites

Construction site safety signs: It is common knowledge construction sites can pose risks to those at work or visiting the site. Safety signs are vitally important at all construction sites and are actually a health and safety requirement. It goes without saying that signage used at such a site is bound to be exposed to […]

Sponsoring a local event this Christmas? Here’s how to design an effective banner

Need tips on designing and printing a banner or sign for a sponsored event? Sponsoring a local event at Christmas is a great way to create a feeling of goodwill amongst your target audience. It’s also a great way to capitalise on your advertising opportunities. How do you do this? By making sure you have […]

What’s on trend in advertising: Glass manifestations

While it is a legal health and safety requirement to apply glass manifestations to glass doors, partitions and screens. Many advertising companies have realised the advertising opportunity this particular regulation presents. As a result, using glass manifestations for branding and marketing is certainly trending in the advertising world at present. All full length glass doors, […]

Show Me The Way – way finding signs

Display Signs are this month introducing, not one, but two new sign systems for the care industry. Directory and way finding signs greatly simplify the matter of directing people around large premises, but can be difficult and expensive for the end-user to manage. Display Signs has the answer – Indicia. Indicia delivers high standards of […]

Why you should incorporate corporate branding into your safety signs

The importance of corporate branding for your safety signs, building and construction signs and general display signs. When trying to create a corporate identity and brand awareness for your business, your company’s colours, graphics and general marketing message should be incorporated into everything, including your safety signs, display signs, printed company materials and so on. […]

Get your building and construction signs from an accredited signage company

It goes without saying that building and construction signs are essential for safety purposes and to ensure compliance with legislation and industry imposed regulations. Without these signs you could be in serious violation and can be faced with health and safety risks, hefty fines, litigation or even having operations shut down. You might have heard […]

Five questions to ask your signage company before you order road signs and traffic signs

Signage companies offer a variety of digital printing services for all types of signs such as display signs, road signs, traffic signs and safety signs, for example. Road and traffic signs are different to personal display signs in that they are required to adhere to certain regulations and standards. However, before you go ahead and […]

Three reasons why car signage is a great investment for your business

Let’s think of how much time we spend driving? How much time do we spend waiting in traffic? All this time can be used to your benefit, if you invested in car signage. Vehicle signage done by a professional signage company is a fantastic marketing alternative. Here are three reasons why car signage is a […]

How digital printing innovations are lowering small business advertising costs

Digital printing should definitely be part of your marketing strategy. Especially so if you wish to lower advertising costs but not lower the effect of your marketing. Digital printing inevitably narrows the playing field between large corporations with huge budgets for marketing and small businesses that don’t have the same capital.  This is how digital […]

Do advertising signs and boards bring in a significant ROI?

There are numerous advertising mediums which really drive ROI, such as television or radio commercials, but this is not always a viable option for small businesses. However this does not mean that small businesses cannot gain from another form of effective advertising. Signs and boards are one of the most effective advertising mediums and one […]

Five tips for designing an effective wall mural – advice from signage experts

Thinking of investing in a wall mural for your home or office? Here are five tips to keep in mind: Design with ease With digital wall mural designs, it helps to ensure your computer isn’t overloaded and running slowly (which could lead to a crash and lost work). Close all unused applications on the computer. […]

Digital printing – The affordable marketing investment your business can’t afford to ignore

Every company has different signage needs, but not everyone is aware of the different solutions available on the market. At Display Signs, we offer a wide variety of printing options for your signs. Digital printing is one of these services. One of the reasons why people choose to invest in digitally printed signs is the […]

Expanding your construction business? Discover safety signs that last – and build your brand

Construction projects and sites can be a dangerous place to work. As one of the most accident-prone sectors of the economy, companies are obliged to invest in safety and health signs for their offices as well as construction sites. While most employees and construction site workers are aware of the risks and hazards involved with […]

Want your shop frontage to work for your business? Glass manifestations are the signs for you.

Glass manifestations are becoming increasingly popular in the United Kingdom and there are a number of reasons why they are the ideal signage solution for any type of business, including the following: Prevent accidents: Many shop fronts have large panes of glass which separate a store’s interiors from a sidewalk. Glass manifestations can help you […]

Want your business, school or shop to go green? Here’s five reasons why you should choose solar signs

Illuminating lights attract attention to your business and this form of shop signage is a fantastic advertising mechanism. However it may be a costly one. Solar signs provide a solution to the high running costs and are a far greater alternative to traditional electric operated signs. Finding a signage company which offers solar sign services […]

Banners are a blank canvas – Here’s how to use them to add a wow factor to your next event

Signage is an important factor of every business. It is a means to convey a message in a brief yet effective fashion. Any reputable signage company should be able to provide services for all your signage needs such as advertising boards, display signs, banners and more. Banners are a fantastic addition to any event; they […]

Creating space and function through digital printing and design – Getting innovative with glass manifestations

Large areas of glass are often overlooked by companies as opportunities for branding, however with creative design and application, these areas actually hold huge potential. By applying digital printing to glass, areas which previously served no visual function can suddenly come alive. Beautifully designed glass manifestations can enhance your brand, filter out light, or even […]

Four ways to build your brand with creative digital printing

Building your brand’s visual identity is vital if you want to create a professional image that your customers are likely to remember. However, what more can be done once the signage is up? Digital printing can be used for so much more than shop signs and display signs and with a little creative thought can […]

Keeping the message consistent – four advantages of professional, quality signage for the public sector

The more important the message, the more important it is to ensure high quality, consistent signage. This is especially true for the public sector, where poor or confusing signage can have lasting impact on the general public. Professional, quality signage is vital in the public sector, offering the following advantages: Consistency, consistency, consistency – By […]

Why consistent signage design is essential to your company’s brand growth

First impressions definitely do count and when it comes to your company’s signage this is certainly true. Any signage company will tell you consistency in signage design is the key to creating a professional first impression. From shop signs to construction signs, consistent branding ensures your logo and visual identity are more easily recognised by […]

Photo wallpapers – Digital printing which showcases your business and enhances your brand

Digital printing advice: Just because your signage is complete and installed doesn’t mean the potential for branding your business has hit a brick wall. Wall is the operative word here, because thanks to digital printing, your interior walls can be transformed with digital wallpapers which create branding opportunities from unused space, whilst also ensuring a […]

From digital wallpapers to wall coverings – four creative ideas for your business from a leading signage company

Who says signage needs to be boring? In fact, the opposite is true and with a little creative flair, a good signage company can produce unique, eye-popping shop signs and display signs to let customers know you mean business. From digital printing and photo wallpapers to glass manifestations and wall murals, there are many creative […]

Planning an event or conference? Here’s how our signage company can help you promote it!

Banners are an excellent way to get noticed and promote your event or conference. When you create an attention-grabbing banner and display it in a public space, you’ll have a large audience because everyone who walks or drives past will see it. If you’re ready to design and display your banner, here’s how Display Signs […]

Four ways to get creative with your company’s advertising signs

Does your company advertise using signs? Although you may think all signs are similar, there are actually many creative ways to produce signage that helps your business stand out and get noticed. Whether you want advertising signs that are traditional, funky, modern, or some other aesthetic, it’s possible when you partner with a professional signage […]

Seven questions to ask before you hire a signage company

You will need to hire a signage company to assist you with manufacturing and installing any signs your business might require. You will need a signage team with design, manufacturing and installations skills if you are… Implementing signage to comply with regulations and legal requirements Providing information and warnings to those on your premises Advertising […]

Order Your Christmas Signs & Banners Now

It’s not too late to order your Christmas signs and banners.  As well as being renowned for the quality and cost effectiveness of our signs we are also one of the fastest sign makers around London and the South East.  We can deliver your custom signage in as little as a day or so – […]

From works and road signs to warning signs, we offer a wide range of fully compliant safety signs

When it comes to safety signs there are various standards that need to be met in order for your signage to be considered fully compliant. In the safety signage industry common standards covering fire safety, potential health hazards, prevention of accidents and emergency evacuation procedures to name but a few, are covered by BS 5499 […]

How to design a banner that effectively reflects your business – tips from a top signage company

Custom designed signage is often the first thing that potential customers will see and associate with your business. Banners in particular are a popular form of custom signage and if you want your business to have a professional and respectable image, it is important that you design and create a banner that truly reflects your […]

Three essential safety signs for your building or construction site

By closely examining the safety legislation pertinent to construction sites in the UK, you can determine which safety signs are essential for your site. Ensuring the safety of your construction workers and those who might be visiting the site can only be done if you have all the required safety signage available and correctly displayed, […]

What accreditations to look for when hiring a building and construction sign company

When hiring a building or construction sign company it is essential to make sure they are skilled and experienced in the field. Why is this? This is to ensure that the team working on your construction signs is educated, trained and has the required expertise to handle the tasks set out for them. Many signs designed for […]

Want your company’s advertising to go green without sacrificing quality or budget?

When you choose to invest in company advertising, you want signs and banners that are versatile, durable and eye-catching. Introducing signs from our latex printer! New print technologies from HP are revolutionising the way we look at printing, giving you access to top quality advertisement options that are affordable as well as environmentally friendly. HP […]

How innovative digital printing is changing the way your business markets itself through signs – for the better

When it comes to the world of signs and digital printing for your business, it stands to reason that you would require the best quality signs for the best results. After all, a sign is a reflection of your business and carries with it your reputation. With revolutionary new large-format printing technologies, you now have […]

What Safety Signs Do You Need?

There are various standards (such as BS5499 and ISO7010 covering fire safety, accident prevention, health hazards and emergency evacuation) that apply to safety signs and how/where they should be displayed. In addition there is a wide range of governing legislation and regulation pertaining to specific industries, applications and situations. For example when it comes to […]

Does Your Business Have the Necessary safety Signs

There are strict requirements in place when it comes to the display of safety signs. Health and safety signs play an integral part in most businesses and by ensuring you have your warnings correctly displayed, you will be legally compliant with the various government and industry imposed regulations. Businesses must provide safety signs if there […]

Custom signs on the double – from event signs to banners and more

When it comes to event signs and banners, a speedy turnaround can often mean compromising on the quality of your signs. With Display Signs, however, that is not the case. Here at Display Signs, we pride ourselves on our ability to produce quality signs at affordable prices on a tight schedule and guarantee complete customer satisfaction. […]

Correx advertising boards stand out – whatever the weather

Introducing Correx advertising boards. Have you forgotten about your signs or left everything to the last minute? Have no fear, our experienced team at Display Signs have the solution to all your signage concerns. If you need high quality, vibrant and eye catching advertising signs, correx advertising boards are the perfect investment. Correx boards are […]

10 Advantages of large format printing for your display signs

If you need professionals to take care of all your signage needs, large format printing, then you need to invest in the sign making services of Display Signs. Here at Display Signs, we take pride in our ability to bring your design concepts to life and make use of state-of-the art equipment to produce signs in any […]

Digital printing for signs of every shape, size and material

If you are looking for attention grabbing signs and invest in the services of a professional sign maker, then look no further than the dedicated team of staff here at Display Signs. With over 30 years of experience and service all over Europe and the UK, we are guaranteed to meet all your signage needs! We […]

Signs in Any Shape

With our new Summa F Series Flatbed Cutter, Display Signs can cut signs, labels, displays, graphics and wall lettering into a variety of shapes with incredible accuracy.  The sorts of things we can do include… Cutting most materials, in a range of sizes, including vinyl, Correx, labels and banners to meet your requirements Full colour […]

Pop-up Signs & Banners

The range of Display Signs POP UP is growing! Due to increased demand of popup signs from our customers we are complementing our popular range of 2100x850mm  light weight pull up displays with a full range of portable pop up exhibition products including… Flat and curved pop ups up to 4m x 3m (with spot […]

We Can Print on Almost Anything!

With our high quality HP Digital Printer we can print on almost anything. We can give you a fast turnaround on high quality digital prints on a wide range of materials and sizes. We can print on material up to two inches thick in sizes of up to eight feet by ten feet (larger sizes […]

Digital Wallpaper

Display Signs can now create stunning large scale digitally printed wall coverings – Digital wallpaper.  We use our HP Digital Printer to print onto Digimura™ wall coverings that are then applied to the wall. The result is stunning high quality prints on walls.  With high quality photographs (12MP and above) we can print on paper […]

Christmas Signs & Banners

Do you want to add some festive atmosphere to your shop, factory or workplace?  If so, then now is the time to order some Christmas signs and banners to delight your staff and customers. At Display Signs we are used to helping our clients add that touch of festive spirit to their premises.  As always […]

Graphics For Canal Barges

At Display Signs we do lots of vehicle graphics. Normally these are for cars or vans and we would do them whilst they are left in our car park.  However, our factory is right on the edge of the canal.  So we can put graphics on canal barges whilst they are moored by us. “This is […]

Signs For Safety

Safety Signs are a vital part of safety in all types of environments (ranging from building sites and car parks to factories and office environments).  Such signs give information on what must be done to ensure safety, what is prohibited in the interests of safety and what should be done in the case of an […]

Using Signs to Promote Your Business

Signs are a great way to promote your business.  As well as having normal shop or company signs in or around your premises there are a variety of other options which are both effective and good value.  At Display Signs we work with our customers to help them promote their businesses using our signage solutions […]

What Display Signs Can Do For You

On our site we have an online shop that sells a wide range of safety signs and other standard signs.  However, that’s only a small part of what we do.  Here are some of the other ways in which we can help you… Custom Signs We design and manufacture custom signs.  These can be branded […]

Signs and Technology

Technology continues to drive innovation and change for both businesses and consumers.  Companies that don’t adopt digital technologies risk being overtaken by their competitors.  At Display Signs we are continually introducing new technologies into our sign making to help serve our customers.  These technologies not only improve the way we make signs but also bring […]

QR Codes on Signs

A QR code on your sign can help those with smart phones find out more about you.  If somebody scans a QR code with a smart phone it will take them straight to a page on your website.  Alternatively, the QR code can cause a video to be played or a contact form to be […]

Wayfinding Signage

Nobody remembers wayfinding signs unless they don’t work! Wayfinding signage that does work conveys information and directions clearly and concisely without being confusing. The objective is to simply direct visitors to their required destination easily and quickly. The signs may be for pedestrians or for drivers. A good wayfinding sign system requires knowledge not only […]

Vehicle Graphics

Advertising your business on your van, truck or coach (vehicle graphics) is one of the cheapest and most effective types of publicity that you will ever do.  You pay for it once or maybe twice (If you decide to change your message before you change the van) over the life of the vehicle and it […]

What Signs are Needed for a School?

Signing a school effectively can make a major contribution to the efficient day to day running of the site.  Clear, effective and well positioned entrance signs along with interchangeable internal directional signs and temporary event signs are just some of the elements that will make using the school easier for students and visitors. First Impressions […]

Sign Solutions for Facilities Managers

Facilities and Building Management has become more demanding over the last couple of decades due to the ever increasing complexity of modern buildings and the higher demands being made by tenants, landlords and regulatory authorities. It is no surprise then that building signage gets left to the last minute or simply gets overlooked. Display Signs […]

Solar Powered Signs

Display Signs Group has combined the finish and quality of our post and panel entrance signs with the efficiency and sustainability of solar power.  With a specially manufactured highly efficient LED light source, which is matched to a powerful 30w panel, these signs can achieve a luminance of up to 200 candela/M2 on a standard […]

Window Manifestations & Wall Coverings

Manifestations are images that are printed onto film which is applied to glass doors, windows, glass screens and glass walls.  The applications include safety, privacy and advertising. Safety Manifestations Who hasn’t, over the years, walked straight into a large glass door or screen, banging their head or worse, when visiting a strange shop or office?  […]

Red Nose Day

Red Nose Day at Display Signs. The staff at Display Signs in Uxbridge decided to do ‘Something Funny for Money’ on Comic Relief day by paying to come to work in their pyjamas, holding a cake sale, running a sweepstake and holding an intercompany quiz. The day was a huge success with everyone joining in [...]

What Signs are Needed for a Building Site?

There have been significant reductions in the annual number of deaths and injuries in the construction building site industry over the last 20 years.  However, construction remains a high risk industry.  Although construction accounts for only 5% of employees it still accounts for 22% of fatal injuries and 10% of major injuries. Safety improvements have […]

Removable Vinyl Stickers

Display Signs can now offer custom printed removable vinyl stickers. These will stick to almost any surface but they leave no marks or residue when removed.  They are easy to apply and don’t get bubbles.  They can be simply peeled off and then repositioned and reused many times. These stickers are made from high quality […]

What Signs Are Needed for a Car Park?

At Display Signs, as long experienced sign makers, we are used to working with operators of car parks – both public and private.  We are well aware of all the statutory and utility requirements for signage.  Here are some guidelines for what you will need. We will work with you to create a safe parking […]

Display Signs Group Acquires Symbol Signs Brand

Today the Display Signs Group of Uxbridge in West London acquired the long established local sign brand Symbol Signs and incorporated it into the group. Display Signs Group Director Alan Kelvey says “We welcome Scott Reynolds to our team and he will use his years of experience in design of vehicle graphics and vehicle wraps […]

Display Signs Installs New UV Printer

Display Signs Installs New UV Printer. Display Signs have taken delivery of a new HP Scitex FB700 UV production printer. Large Format Digital Printing on Almost Any Material This state of the art printer will enable us to produce high quality, full colour prints direct to media including foam and aluminium composite sheet, high performance […]

Solar Powered Signs for Flagship Home

Display Signs are pleased to announce completion of a solar powered sign system for A. C. Mauger on behalf of Barchester Healthcare at their flagship Lakeside Village in St Peter, Jersey, shortly to be opened by Nigel Mansell CBE. Our 12v solar powered signs are safe, eco friendly and can be positioned anywhere without the […]

News & Offers for Custom Signs and Safety Signs

News & Offers for Custom Signs and Safety Signs. Display Signs are pleased to announce the launch of their new and improved website. Display Signs has collaborated with WSI Digital Advantage to provide a more comprehensive source of information, services and innovative ideas to assist your sign buying experience. Now you can have an in […]