Display Signs

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Flat Cut Letters

Perspex / Acrylic

Foam PVC 3, 5, 10 mm

Dibond / Composites


Using our 3000 x 2000mm Texel CNC Router system Display Signs can now offer an extensive range of profile cut flat lettering, logos and shaped panels.

We can accurately reproduce lettering and logos in materials such as PERSPEX & ACRYLICS, FOAMED PVC, DIBOND, MIRROR & BRUSHED COMPOSITES

PERSPEX & ACRYLIC LETTERS are great with fixing locators for Shop fascia signs, External signs on brickwork & logos and lettering for interior walls.

FOAM PVC LETTERS come in a variety of thicknesses they are good for interior displays & exhibitions. Colours are available but one of the best effects is to apply a vinyl film to the face leaving the return white. Most Foam PVC letters and logos can be fitted using good double sided adhesive tape.

DIBOND LETTERS along with MIRROR & BRUSHED COMPOSITE LETTERS can be very good for interior signs and logos they can be fitted using fixing locators or can be fitted using double sided adhesive tape.



If locators are ordered, your letters will be supplied with the male part of the fixing glued to the back of the letters, a pack of female parts and a paper layout drawing.

  1. Position your drawing to the shop fascia or wall and secure with adhesive tape, (masking tape is usually the best)
  2. Carefully drill holes exactly where the X’s are marked on the layout drawing.
  3. Remove the drawing and screw the female parts onto the wall, leave a little bit loose to allow for drilling error.
  4. Align the letters to the cups and push the letters firmly into position. (Where there are two similar letters in the wording they will be numbered 1-2 etc.)
  5. Stand back and admire your work!