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Exterior Signs

Exterior Signs

Exterior Signs are essential to promote your business and help customers find your premises. Display Signs are experts with over 40 years of experience in manufacturing & installing all types of exterior signs, from temporary signs & banners to extremely large sign trays and everything in between.


With particular emphasis given to correct material use and innovative design, we can provide an external sign or sign system that will last and still look good in years to come. 


If you are planning on relocating your business to a new premises, or to build a new office, factory or other public access building, it is essential to include external signage in the planning documentation. Look for sites that can be seen from busy main roads and check what can be easily seen. In the case of a new build, your architect should include the signage on the drawings.

Typical site signage would start with a feature monolith or free-standing sign at the entrance, or a large sign on the building to attract attention from the main road. Once clients drive into your entrance, they should be directed clearly to the car park with clearly marked visitors’ bays and then onto reception. The branding should then continue at the reception entrance, possibly on a canopy or wall. Depending on your business, you should consider wayfinding signs to specific areas of your site such as Goods Inward and for larger sites you may even need road signs to create a traffic system.

Any large areas of floor-to-ceiling glass must have a manifestation applied for safety reasons. Display signs can provide custom window manifestations that can be cut and digitally printed with your company logo, inspiring pictures or any design of your choosing. 

Display Signs can survey your premises and construct any type of exterior sign including:

·        Folded sign trays

·        Fascia sign panels

·        Individual letters

·        Free-standing signs on posts

·        Stainless steel & Brass plaques

·        Banners & Flags

·        Temporary signage

·        Illuminated Signs

·        Directory & Wayfinding signs

·        Road Signs


Display Signs can advise on all aspects of your signage project from sign type to location in order to maximise visibility and impact. We will also work with you to ensure that we obtain any consent that may be required from the Local Authority to display your sign.

For advice and a competitive quote for your exterior sign needs Request a Quotation, call us on 01895 812161 or email info@displaysigns.net