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At Display Signs, as long experienced sign makers, we are used to working with operators of car parks – both public and private.  We are well aware of all the statutory and utility requirements for signage.  Here are some guidelines for what you will need.

FW:3S3A0105 SWe will work with you to create a safe parking environment enabling your customers to park their vehicle, to leave their vehicle, to go about their business, to return to their vehicle and to exit.  Based upon our proven model, we will help you to develop an integrated scheme of bright clear directional, safety and information signs.  Our services for car park signage include consultancy, design, manufacture and installation

You can find the signs you will need for your car park in our online sign shop.  Alternatively, you can contact us for advice or for custom made signs which can be to your own design (including logos etc) or taken from our existing designs.  With our digital printing technology we can produce your signs both rapidly and cost effectively.

The signage needs cover four areas:

  • – Fire & Safety Signs
  • – Vehicle Routing Signs
  • – Signs for Pedestrians
  • – Parking Enforcement Signs

Fire & Safety Signs

Escape signage must be clearly visible from all parts of a car park with safe routes marked until the final exit.

Vehicle Routing Signs

We use bold clear signs with recognised traffic symbols to direct vehicles.  Signs can be wall mounted or suspended as appropriate.  A yellow reflective background is used exclusively for traffic routing.

We take every opportunity to reinforce your speed restrictions on special speed signs and by integrating the message into the directional signage.

Other signage can indicate disabled, prohibited and restricted parking areas.

Signs for Pedestrians

We provide signage to help pedestrians find their way from their vehicles to their destinations.  We also provide signs (e.g. for floors and zones) to help pedestrians find their ways back to their cars.  We can provide colour coded level numbering and zone lettering signs along with ‘You Are Here’ plans at strategic points.  The signs will create safe routing for pedestrians away from ramps and other high risk areas.  Other signs will warn drivers of pedestrian presence.  We can also provide lockable notice boards.

Parking Enforcement Signs

Wheel clamping is no longer allowed. There must be clear signs stating tariffs, restrictions and penalties.  We can provide a range of signs for parking enforcement that are compliant with British Parking Association standards.

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