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There are various standards (such as BS5499 and ISO7010 covering fire safety, accident prevention, health hazards and emergency evacuation) that apply to safety signs and how/where they should be displayed. In addition there is a wide range of governing legislation and regulation pertaining to specific industries, applications and situations.

For example when it comes to road signs (which might be used in a car park, on a construction site, in a large industrial estate or on public roads by a local authority) there are various legal requirements (for example pertaining to traffic laws or to health and safety legislation) that must be taken into account.

So, you need to understand not only the relevant requirements for safety signage but also the standards and legislation covering those signs and their display.  Why not play safe and take the easiest route by consulting the experts – Display Signs?

At Display Signs we have years of experience covering most applications and industries. We will be able to work with you to determine and meet your requirements.  All of our signage conforms to applicable standards, regulation and legislation.

Have a look at our Online Safety Sign Shop which covers most standard requirements.  If you’re not sure what you need or can’t find it then please contact us.

Customised Safety Signs for Your Company  

Rather than our standard signs you may require Custom safety Signs.  These might be because you have special requirements or because you want safety signs branded with your corporate identity.  Whatever your need, we will be able to work with you to design, manufacture and install (if required) custom safety signage to meet your needs and satisfy applicable standards, regulations and legislation.

For example when creating custom safety signs for you we can design and supply the following:

  • Custom traffic and safety signs
  • Corporate safety signs (including your logo and contact details)
  • Custom safety window graphics.
  • Customised safety stickers
  • Health and safety notice boards according to specifications supplied

We can cost effectively produce custom safety signs as a one off or in large quantities.  If you have major long term requirements then we can agree designs for a range of signs which we can manufacture and supply as and when needed.  However, if you require just one custom sign just contact us to find out how quickly and cheaply we can produce a custom sign for you. 

We design and manufacture signs on site using the very latest in technology. Our team has the most experienced and skilled designers to ensure your sign delivers its message effectively.  Our quality manufacturing ensures that the sign has high durability.

If you need custom signs contact us or let us have your requirements today.

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