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Digital printing advice: Just because your signage is complete and installed doesn’t mean the potential for branding your business has hit a brick wall. Wall is the operative word here, because thanks to digital printing, your interior walls can be transformed with digital wallpapers which create branding opportunities from unused space, whilst also ensuring a stylish and professional atmosphere that will impress your clients.

If you want to make your company’s interior walls pop, consider the following:

Choose a focal point – the idea behind wall murals is to enhance rather than overpower, so select one wall as a focal point and leave the others unadorned. This allows the eye to be drawn to a single, visually striking area that does not detract from your standard interior shop signs.

Less is more – Keep the design simple. If you’re contemplating a text based design, choose a few, meaningful words or phrases which relate to your business (rather than too much text which will clutter and detract from your design). A single photo printed as digital wallpaper can create a great deal of impact, whilst many images arranged in a structured grid pattern is also easy on the eye.

Quality is everything – Thanks to advances in digital printing, the print quality of photo wallpapers is superb. Ensure you make the most of this by starting off with high quality images taken by a professional photographer or purchased from a stock photography website.

Make use of ‘dead’ space – Think out the box when looking for interesting spaces to brand or enhance with photo wallpaper. Behind the reception desk, the wall above your waiting area and even your glass partitions (ideal for glass manifestations) are all perfect spots to enhance with images, graphics or word art.

Walls can become works of art with digital printing at Display Signs

Speak to the design and printing experts at Display Signs for ideas on how to make your walls work for you. We’re a signage company that prides itself in creative solutions for businesses who want to take their signage to the next level. We offer a variety of digital printing services, including photo wallpapers, glass manifestations and custom built display signs, as well as an excellent in house design service.

For further information or queries on digital printing, shop signs, wall murals and digital wallpapers, contact us with your requirements.

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