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At Display Signs we do lots of vehicle graphics. Normally these are for cars or vans and we would do them whilst they are left in our car park.  However, our factory is right on the edge of the canal.  So we can put graphics on canal barges whilst they are moored by us.

“This is my personal ‘Thank you’ for all you hard work and expertise in reproducing and sticking the Phoenix onto the boat.   I haven’t seen in in person yet, though Joseph has sent me a picture by email.   But he is over the moon about it, and I must say, even in the photo, I can see it looks very proud and handsome.   It will certainly make the boat stand out among the others with the same name in the marina.

Many thanks again, best wishes from Gill.”


You can see our work on The Phoenix in the pictures below.

If you’d like to discuss putting graphics on your barge (or barges) whilst moored alongside our factory then give us a call on 01895 812161 or email us.


Canal Barge Graphics
Canal Barge Graphics
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