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Display Signs can now create stunning large scale digitally printed wall coverings – Digital wallpaper.  We use our HP Digital Printer to print onto Digimura™ wall coverings that are then applied to the wall.

The result is stunning high quality prints on walls.  With high quality photographs (12MP and above) we can print on paper up to 8 feet tall and any length.  Where sheets are joined you won’t even be able to see the join.

The Digimura™ material is available in a range of textures and finishes such as smooth and tactile.  These can diffuse light beautifully and give the wall covering a true artistic feel.  This fabric backed material is both scratch resistant and washable.  It has an approved fire rating with and without printing.

As well as wall coverings we can also print frosting to go on windows and glass partitions.

The printed wallpaper needs to be applied to a wall by a professional.  The steps are…

  • The wall should be in good condition with any cracks and holes filled.
  • Sealant should be applied to the wall.
  • The paste is then applied to the wall (rather than the paper).
  • The digital wallpaper is then applied.
  • Stand back and admire the view!

The pictures on the right are of a stunning wall covering we produced for BP in Sunbury.

We can produce your digital wall covering in a week from supplied high quality photographs.  If required we can also arrange installation.  Give us a call on 01895 812161, email us or use our contact form to find out what we can do for your walls.

Digital Wallpaper

Digital Wallpaper

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