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Large areas of glass are often overlooked by companies as opportunities for branding, however with creative design and application, these areas actually hold huge potential. By applying digital printing to glass, areas which previously served no visual function can suddenly come alive. Beautifully designed glass manifestations can enhance your brand, filter out light, or even create the illusion of space depending on your company’s needs.

Whether your company needs a design that’s bold and vibrant or more understated, there are many advantages to branding on glass:

A sense of privacy – Open plan office spaces with a lot of glass partitioning are ideal candidates for glass manifestations. By branding the glass, cubicles are made more private. Similarly, shop fronts can be made more appealing on the outside and more private on the inside with the use of glass manifestations.

Hide the clutter – Even the tidiest of offices can appear messy at times. Screen a cluttered office from your customers’ view with branded glass that draws focus to the brand and not the mess.

A stylish sandblasted effect – Digital printing can even mimic the effect of sandblasting, which is a superb way of filtering out light and visual noise in an office space, while resulting in an elegant, professional look.

Get creative with digital printing at Display Signs

The potential for creating visual interest using digital printing on glass is endless. Display Signs is an expert signage company with a dedicated in house design team and superb production capabilities to take your signage to the next level.

Contact us today for information on glass manifestations, as well as other digital printing products such as shop signs, digital wallpapers, wall murals and photo wallpapers.

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