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When you choose to invest in company advertising, you want signs and banners that are versatile, durable and eye-catching. Introducing signs from our latex printer! New print technologies from HP are revolutionising the way we look at printing, giving you access to top quality advertisement options that are affordable as well as environmentally friendly.

HP Latex mid to high volume printers are the perfect tool for large format printing in order to create a versatile range of high quality applications in record time. The combination of latex ink and thermal inkjet technology means better image quality and a durable, scratch-resistant surface that dries instantly, thus increasing your print output.

Five ways you can use latex signs to boost your business

  • Image quality. Images produced by latex printers are sharp and vivid, creating beautiful, eye catching signs.
  • Faster print output. Latex signs dry instantly, meaning faster print results.
  • Budget. There is a lower total cost of printing due to factors such as location flexibility, faster set up time and fewer infrastructure requirements, meaning you get a better quality finished product at no extra cost to you.
  • Durability. Latex printers create a water resistant, smudge and scratch proof finished product, with a display permanence of up to 10 years when laminated.
  • Going green. Latex printing is environmentally friendly as Latex ink is water based and non-allergenic, providing a versatile and more natural alternative to the solvent inks used in the past.

At Display Signs, we now have access to new latex printers which enable us to create the perfect banners for your event which are guaranteed to stand the test of time. Our wide range of digital printing products and services include shop signs, vehicle graphics, safety signs and much more. So contact us or send us your requirements.

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